Integrated Service Platform & Big Data Analysis Business

Platform / Service Deployment Operations
Build macaron platform, Dev-Ops, Plangram

Performing the Mobility Government task(KATECH)

Big Data Collection / Analysis HQ
Big data collection through Macaron M, P, T, machine learning-based analysis/ processing LaaS Data Hub performs government tasks related to big data(Ministry of Science and ICT)

Perform Data-Based New Business
Data base B2BC new business planning, establishment of new business technology base / operation

Marketing Strategy, Strategic Alliance / Sales

Mobility, Parking, Traveler information, Healthcare / Insurance coverageIt is the integrated ecosystem platform brand of KST with the theme of movement.

Describes a shift away from personally-owned modes of transportation and towards mobility solutions that are consumed as a service.

Last mile E-Mobility service is provided based on miniature electric vehicle business of battery replacement method (patent) to think about citizen's safety and environment.

A B O U T   US

Building Macaron integrated platform based on big data & AI and Providing Macaron Services.

2019. 03
Samsung SDS Partnership
2019. 03
Agreement on Integrated Marketing and Specialized Insurance of Macaron Service
2019. 02
Business partnership with Shuersoft Tech (introducing Big Data to Macaron Taxi)
2019. 02
Business vacation with Linka (Provided by Macaron Taxi Service for easy payment)
2018. 12
Macaron platform design
Transfer of the right of transport advertising business in Enzone Co., Ltd.
PRANGRAM Co., Ltd.  subsidiary incorporation
2018. 10
KST Intelligence Establishment
CEO(Jung, kyu Hong)

Macaron General Manager CTO, Intelligence CEO
I SERVE U SmartCity Vice chairman

Motors(Kim, Jong Bae)

E-mobility Business, Government Task
Global EV Association Network Expert committee

Labs(Kim, Yeong Hwan)

Macaron Mobility Development
Touchdown business general manager

TaaS(Gu, Jeong Ryeul)

Affiliated Business General
Ticketing Business / Advertising Business

PaaS(Kim, Hyung Wook

Macaron Park Development General
Devops Platform Business


Jung, Ho In






 Jung, Ji Sun 



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